About us

Tatiana Polyakova
Founder and owner of the Golden Lion Spa
Our life is bright just as much as we want it to be. I decided for myself a long time ago: we must go forward, not be afraid to try, take risks, otherwise you will not find the right way.
I can't imagine my life without traveling. New places and unfamiliar people change the inner world, help to develop and inspire. It was visiting distant countries that pushed me to create my own business. Thailand has long been on the list of places that I dreamed of seeing. It attracted with its rich history, I wanted to get to know the philosophy of the East more closely. The beauty industry has always been interesting to me, especially the spa. In every country, I did not miss the opportunity to visit the best spa center. That's how my idea of creating a business was born.

Thailand has become a discovery for me, a different world. Mysterious,
unknown. What is his kitchen worth! An unreal combination of flavors and cooking traditions. This is a real exotic that everyone should try. Spa services in Thailand are an ancient history that deserves special attention and study. My goal was to understand all the most important things, what truly makes people happy and makes them come back there again and again.
We fall in love with our Thai SPA philosophy
When designing the salon, it was important for me to create a special atmosphere in it. We do not just do massage, but hold whole ceremonies.
Interior, aromatherapy, delicate oils, candles, tea card make our salon a place of real relaxation and complete harmony. And of course, the most important thing is Thai masters! I paid special attention to their selection and I am sure that certified, experienced staff is an important component, one might say, the soul of the institution,
because the masters share energy with the guest.
I am glad that Belarusians are keenly interested, and some fall in love with this philosophy. Visitors of Golden Lion Thai SPA — people of any age and a variety of professions. They all come for healing and pacification, take a break in the frenzied rhythm of modern life. There are beginners who are just getting acquainted with Thai procedures. There are sophisticated clients who know a lot, compare. It is especially pleasant when such people come back to us and become regular visitors. This is not surprising. Today, my trips to Thailand are no longer just an idle trip, but professional development, the search for something new and a charge of energy that I share with my team, and they in turn give it to our customers.

Don't be afraid to discover new, unknown things for yourself — and your life will be filled with new impressions!
Registered in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs (USR) on 14.04.2017. Registering body Minsk City Executive Committee. Legal address Belarus, Minsk, Jasminovaya str. 3g, room. 21.
Opening hours: daily 10:00 - 23:00
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Golden Lion Thai Spa
Daily: 10.00 - 23.00
Minsk, Jasminovaya str., 3g